Cookie Policy -

Cookie policy

  1. Cookies are text files stored on user's device that is used for browsing web pages. They include, among others things, the address of the website that created them and how long they will be stored on the device.
  2. Service, as well as third parties (through the Service) use cookies (putting them on the user's device) and have access to them.
  3. The Service Provider uses cookies to:
    • provide basic function of the Service,
    • prepare anonymous usage statistics to help determine the preferences of service users and assess the popularity of the page,
    • display ads that match the user's preferences.
  4. The Service uses two types of cookies: session cookies, deleted after leaving the page by the user, and permanent cookies, removed after the time specified in the cookie.
  5. The user, by changing your browser settings, can block cookies or delete them after leaving the service.
  6. By default, Internet browsers allow cookies to be saved. Their manufacturers provide information on how to change the default settings.
  7. The operator of the service, in the case of blocking cookies by the user, can not guarantee its correct operation.