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Terms of Use of gasstations.nighthee.com


  1. This regulation applies to the use of the site located on the Internet at gasstations.nighthee.com (hereinafter referred to as the Service).


  1. Service - Internet service available at gasstations.nighthee.com.
  2. Function - The service has a feature of being able to search for the nearest objects near user's current location or the address given by the User.
  3. User - web surfer visiting the Service.
  4. Owner - the Service owners.


  1. Users have a right to privacy and protection of their personal data.
  2. Service does not store any information, in particular any personal data or those which enable unambiguous identification of the user.
  3. Information about the user's location is exclusively used for providing main Function of the Service. It can be stored exclusively for statistical purposes or for improving the operation of the service.
  4. The Service uses, popular on the Internet, usage statistics collecting services.
  5. The Service uses cookies (details in Cookie Policy).


  1. All graphics, technology and other elements of the website of the Service, in particular HTML, CSS and JavaScript is subject to legal protection for copyright.
  2. The user has no right to copy or record the elements nor the whole of the Service in any manner or form.


  1. Site owners, though strive to make it so, cannot guarantee that the list of points of interests is full nor that the information about existing ones is correct and current (including their location).
  2. Due to the vast multitude of devices and browsers, Service owners can not guarantee its operation in any situation.
  3. Support, technical assistance, and contact on the functioning of the Service can be obtained by e-mail kontakt@futuronaut.pl.
  4. Complaints, comments and inquiries related to the functioning of the Service should be directed to e-mail kontakt@futuronaut.pl.
  5. According to the best knowledge of the owners, there are no specific risks associated with the use of a service supplied electronically through the Service. The User cannot blame Service Owners for possible damage resulting from the use of the Service.
  6. Content of Terms of Use may change. Any changes will come into force from the moment of their publication.